Def Jam: Icon PS3 New PlayStation 3

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Platform: Sony PlayStation 3
Game Name: Def Jam Recordings: Icon Release Year: 2007
Publisher: Electronic Arts Rating: M – Mature


Genre: Sports

Electronic Arts





Def Jam: Icon PS3 New PlayStation 3

Product Details

Product Information
Build your own hip-hop empire from the ground up in “Def Jam: Icon” for Sony PlayStation 3. EA Chicago and Def Jam Interactive joined forces to create this awesome game. The basic idea is to build a lucrative hip-hop label through fighting and business. A three-dimensional PS3 fighting game, “Def Jam: Icon” is the third title in the Electronic Arts series of games that is licensed by Def Jam itself. The music and action are mixed in a way that makes it different from the other PlayStation games within the Def Jam group. It also includes more detailed environments. While the previous PS3 games in the series emphasized wrestling, “Def Jam: Icon” is more about street brawling. The 28 playable characters in “Def Jam: Icon” throw and block strikes, including punches and kicks, and generally go at it hard in the fights. The visuals are highly realistic. Players create combination attacks using up to four separate moves. There is an emphasis on learning from the visual fight cues given by opponents. Details such as ripped clothes and bruises add to the visual richness. Injured fighters bleed and demonstrate exhaustion. A variety of settings, some from real-life locations in Atlanta such as night clubs, gas stations, and subway stations, serve as locales. The story element of this PS3 game is called “Build a Label.” Players first create their protagonist using a mock-up of an FBI wanted poster. From there, the main character is thrust into a number of scenarios. These include rescuing a famous rapper from an obsessed fan, helping out fledgling rappers for a music producer, and assisting rappers who are friends in brawls. The premise of this PS3 game is set in a brief “Two Years Earlier” prequel sequence. Rappers from the real world of rap, including Big Boi, Ludacris, and others, appear in cameo roles. Players manage money, make decisions on whether to do specific rappers favors, and buy clothes and jewelry. The soundtrack playing during this PS3 video game is interactive and synchronized with the locales and action. Hubcaps twinkle in time to the pulsating beat and bullets fly to the bone-crushing bass. The fight sequences and play are linked to the soundtrack. For example, when a particular character’s theme song is playing, his punches have more force. A beat-detection feature allows users to check songs and further mesh their movements with the soundtrack. Essentially, matching moves to beats leads to more effectiveness. There are 20 songs to choose from by rap icons, including Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, and Jim Jones. Cheats and codes allow players to access two particular songs. All songs are changeable and can be matched with environments according to player preference. The sometimes graphic lyrical content of the songs is totally uncensored. This game combines the elements of compelling storylines with traditional fighting sequences. A player starts from the bottom of the rap industry and works their way to the top, allowing players to manage some of today’s most successful rap stars and brawl their way toward becoming an industry powerhouse.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Electronic Arts
Game Def Jam: Icon
UPC 014633153279
eBay Product ID (ePID) 56258622

Key Features
Platform Sony PlayStation 3
ESRB Rating M – Mature
Genre Sports
Location USA

Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood, Strong Lyrics, Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 2007
Game Special Features
  • Combat and interactive hazards triggered by background beats
  • Left and right sticks can be used like turntables to engage other competitors
  • Plenty of fashionable gear to deck out hip-hop’s biggest stars
  • Game Series Def Jam Vendetta Series

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